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Trigger - When planner task are changed

Changes in the planner task go unnoticed & often creating confusion at a later date.


It would be ideal to have a trigger for any changes in the task - which can be used to notify.


Feature should include old value & new value.

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Also me, I would like the trigger "Planner, when a task changed"

Advocate IV

Yep, this one is a winner.  especially since there is no version history or recycle bin in Planner.  Using a flow to audit actions on Planner items is a must

Regular Visitor

This would improve the planner tool for a team. I would like to track the number of times a task date has been changed and would build an approval flow / notification system for the same.


Regular Visitor

This is exactly what we are looking for! We are trying to make a ticketing system using the power app tools and integrate planner but without the ability to track changes, notifying technician's and end users of updates will be impossible.

New Member

Same here! This is a must.

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We need this 🙂
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Its been necessary tacking the change of dates