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Trigger Workflow on Outlook Contact Create or Update

Need a way to start (trigger) a flow when a contact is Added or Updated in Outlook.... 


This is an important enhancement because it will let users add or update a Contact in Outlook and then it can be synced with other systems or services.


This is a big deal because Outlook could then be the system of record for contacts and then it could propogate out to other services and apps that feed from this master list of contacts in Outlook...  Right now I beleive we can only feed into Outlook Contacts ...

Status: New
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We need this to create a backup of contacts from here on out. We had a spam email wipe out all contacts with one of our users who opened a bad attachment. He had 3500 contacts that were all zapped. Having a trigger like this to back up contacts to a csv would allow us to trap all contacts in a single place so that we can go back and restore them if they were ever lost again by anyone else in the company.

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In our workflow, different team members manipulate contacts in deferent ways epending on where they are in the process, we use Categories to identify them so, we would like to see triggers for new contact and also for category added/deleted for contacts.

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Unfortunately I'm going to have to go with Zapier, which does this. Its my first need, and disappointing that Microsoft hasn't included it as a trigger.
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Needed for: 

Owned contacts

contacts in shared mailboxes
Global Contacts