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Trigger after x days

A trigger which will trigger the flow after so many days from a given date. i,e, two days after an end date for an event item from a Sharepoint list.

Status: New
New Member

 This is a pain. You can do a reoccuring flow but I want to have someone create an item in a SharePoint list and based on the create date send an E-mail x number of days after the item was created. Is this possible?

Not applicable

To add specific steps that mskoglund comment referencesl

I think you could do this now by:

- recurrence (essentially scheduling a run through the SP list)

- get items

- calculate create_date less todays_date

- compare that to threshold X

- conditional result from there


This is very painful & I've yet to get it to work despite lots of posted examples...

So I am voting for this request.