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Trigger error visibility (or rather lack of visibility)

I'm confronted with flows that after some time, put themselves into a state where they show a trigger error.

This happens when there is no change whatsoever.


The main issue is that I'm completely unaware of this state until I open the flow in the GUI, where it shows me this. image.png


It seems to me, that when we use flow for anything business related, we need a minimum of assurance.

Here I am with 0 visibility if any of my flows are in this state.


I've asked microsoft support for a solution (119120622001370 ) but they tell me there is none.

The GUI does not have the possibility to show the flow trigger error at this time.


Therefor my last resort is to ask you to add this ASAP to the GUI or at least provide a means of notification, so we will know when a flow has stopped due to a trigger issue.

Right now I become aware when business tells me things are not working or when I stumble upon the error in the GUI.


A possible cause of the trigger issue, seems to be, that we share the flow between the people of my team, so we all get a mail if a flows start failing. Unfortunately this is not the case when the flow has a trigger error.

Status: New