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Trigger fails manually

If you manually trigger, the trigger will fail.
I confirmed that it always occurs when I get the longitude and latitude.
Please correct the connector.


//error contents//
The input body for trigger'manual' of type'Request' did not match the schema definition. Error details:'Invalid type. Expected String but got Number.,Invalid type. Expected String but got Number.

Status: New
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Voting this one BUT it is not a new feature it is broken feature so it needs to be fixed by the product team.

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Yes but I'm not going to unvote him.😾 

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In fact I never will and you will not change my mind for a long time.


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Advocate II

An error will occur when getting the latitude and history.

[As a workaround]
-It can be avoided by editing [On] [Off] in the trigger settings, clicking Finish, and then turning [On] [Off] back again.

-After setting the trigger, save the flow once and edit it again to confirm that the error can be avoided.