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Trigger flow When Item is Modified only


There is no trigger in flow when Sharepoint item is modified with specific field(s), instead of this we use when item is created or Modified with add condition after triggering the flow. Major draw back for using above mention trigger is to always trigger our flow when item is modified which may results out flow runs as they are limited. Please look into this issue ASAP. we need it badly.




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My need for a Modified only trigger is I'd like to avoid sending an email to everyone when Files in Teams is populated. I think notification of what's there has changed is more than sufficient, as there are other ways to notify people that a file has been added to Teams. 

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As has been already mentioned, just add a feature to the already existing trigger to decide if the flow must start when the iteam has been creater or modified or just when has been modified.

I think this setting that everyone expects when you use this trigger for the first time and is, in my point of view, absolutely necessary.

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Got it. I had been using the new or modified file properties Flow--it triggered an email too much, as we were populating the Files structure. I then found a Sharepoint Flow template for just modified--but that triggers too much too (I think it sends an email on every unique action within the document or every auto-save ((if not both))). 

Working with a team of HS English teachers here in MS Teams. Would like to have an email sent to their more often open, more often rule-oriented and flagged Outlook account when an existing File has been modified by a team member: just one email for one time the document is opened and closed, please. 


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I'm just working on flows with trigger from Planner to create a sharepoint list, beacause of missing "read-only" possibility in a Plan for a group.

So I tried to solve this gap via a sharepoint list, but now I have noticed that the trigger "task in planer modifed" does not exist. Only when a new task has been created.
Would be great to have such a possibility!


Don't hesitate to ask me if you have further questions about my request.



best regards


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@teqs wrote:


It's not needed to make a new trigger. Simply add a option to the existing trigger "When an item is created or modified" to have an option if the trigger should fire on "new item" or "modified item" or on both. And also add options to the "When an item is modified"-Trigger-Part to make it only triggering when specific fields are changed. It should be selectable if every item field triggers the trigger or only some fields triggers the trigger. This would be really great! In general, the thread creator is right. A Trigger only for "new items created" and a separate Trigger for "modified items" (and only modified, and not new) is needed. And best with options for fields/columns for selectable column-modification-triggers.





Now I found, that the suggestion is already made and has also already a lot of votes.



So, perhaps this thread of a suggestion is a dublicate of already existing?