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Trigger flow When Item is Modified only


There is no trigger in flow when Sharepoint item is modified with specific field(s), instead of this we use when item is created or Modified with add condition after triggering the flow. Major draw back for using above mention trigger is to always trigger our flow when item is modified which may results out flow runs as they are limited. Please look into this issue ASAP. we need it badly.




Status: Completed

Thank you @Chakkaradeep for sharing this feature is now rolled out to and available for use. The documentation is updated as well:

For more info about how to use this action, see this tutorial: Introducing 'when an item or file modified' trigger and 'Get changes' action.

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Having this feature implemented will be a huge help -specially for the end users adoption coming from other SharePoint workflow tools. 

Helper III

I agree, this seems like a basic out of the box option. Would love to have; "When Item is Modified" option. 

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How do we still not have this?  This is extremely important and seems like it should be very simple since we already have create and delete.

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Unbelievable that after 2 years of complaints Microsoft still didn't build this SIMPLE feature.

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Absolutely waiting for it!

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We're also waiting on this!

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Idea from "02-15-2019", nearly 400 up votes...  and state of this is "New". 😞
Power Automate has so many niche features and connectors when browsing the existing possible actions. And the one which are badly needed, need years to implement. (If get implemented at all)!

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please we are all begging .....

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Another vote is in!

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Hi all - It appears the "Modified-Only" version has been implemented, as well as "Get Changed Properties".  I'm just exploring now - hopefully this will help some folks.