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Trigger for Planner checklist items

It would be graet to be able to manage planner triggers related to a task's checklist. For example:

Trigger when a new item is created in a check list

Trigger when an item is deleted in a check list

Trigger when an item is marked in a check list

... etc.

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adding checklist items would be nice as well

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I agree. I started to set up a flow thinking this was something we could do. 

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I agree, being able to access the checklist either as a trigger or via update is needed. 

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Adding items on a checklist would be really useful. Tasks are often broken down into smaller operations too small to create as an individual task in its own right.

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Any controls or visibility of checklist items would be great.

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Please vote for my idea to create the trigger When a task is modified


The generic trigger would allow to do mostly anything with Flow and Planner under the condition all task atributes are available in Flow.

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I would love to be able to add checklist items during the Create a task action.  Also having completing checklists trigger a flow would be awesome.  I would use it to assign a new user for the next step in the process.

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Would help a lot!!