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Trigger for new comment in Planner task

Right now our goup members' inboxes are getting spammed by every comment created in any task in a Plan.

We'd like to turn off the global notifications, but the result would be that there won't be any notifications whatsoever.


So please add a trigger in Flow that lets us get a notification on comment creation.


I'll submit another Idea for the "Task is assigned to me"-condition.

Status: New
New Member

I can only say thatI agree with all the above. It will make it much more likely to convince people in my organisation that we need to use Planner.

New Member

It's insane that there's no notification system for planner. We get dark theme and priorities but no notification settings for comments?


We need this ASAP

New Member

I'm surprised there are only three triggers at the moment built in to flow (task is either: assigned, completed, or created) and they are on items that already create default messages.


Adding the ability to notify assigned members via e-mail or some level of notification would increase the value of Planner in being able to work as a team on tasks that people are assigned to.


Current state is pretty disappointing in how little can be done notifications-wise.

New Member

Its half of **bleep**ty 2020, but we still didn't get notification for comment on Planner ? Not even on Power Automate ? Cmon, Microsoft! 😑