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Trigger for new google contact

Using Outlook app for Android combined with Exchange leaves some frustration. You cannot save a new contact in your Exchange address books from the app. For this I would like to save the contact in Google contacts (very sub-optimal, but it is what it is). Upon each creation I would like to copy the contact data to Office 365 Outlook.


Up till now I only see the 'OnChange' event as a trigger, which does not work for me.


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Community Support

Hi @gvrijdag,


Thanks for the feedback.

Please consider submit an idea to add a new trigger for Google Contacts.

Or, let me know if you would like to move this post to the Ideas forum, I will then help to move it there.




New Member

Hi Michael, please move the post to the ideas forum!

Best regards,

Guido Vrijdag

New Member

Use IFTTT for Google and Office 365 contacts sync.

I would like to sync Google contacts to, but IFTTT can´t do that.