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Trigger for new google contact

Using Outlook app for Android combined with Exchange leaves some frustration. You cannot save a new contact in your Exchange address books from the app. For this I would like to save the contact in Google contacts (very sub-optimal, but it is what it is). Upon each creation I would like to copy the contact data to Office 365 Outlook.


Up till now I only see the 'OnChange' event as a trigger, which does not work for me.


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Community Support Team

Hi @gvrijdag,


Thanks for the feedback.

Please consider submit an idea to add a new trigger for Google Contacts.

Or, let me know if you would like to move this post to the Ideas forum, I will then help to move it there.




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Hi Michael, please move the post to the ideas forum!

Best regards,

Guido Vrijdag

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Use IFTTT for Google and Office 365 contacts sync.

I would like to sync Google contacts to, but IFTTT can´t do that.