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Trigger for new item in planner

It'll be useful to have some Triggers for tasks in Planner, not just actions that are executed based on triggers from elsewhere.


Potential triggers:

  • When a new task is created
  • When a task is assigned to you
  • When a task is put in a category
  • Etc.



Status: Completed

Triggers for Planner are now available, read more here:

Level: Power Up

Right now my office uses a Planner tab in Teams for task management. However, I have no way of knowing when someone, like my boss, assigns a task to me -- there's no notification(s) anywhere. If there was a trigger to check if I've been assigned a new task, I could set an action to email me or notify my phone.

Level: Power Up

Right on, good point.  Maybe.... Plan> Edit Plan > Click Send notification on plan progress, or even subcribe to plan. Just a suggestion. 



Level: Power Up

I'd like to send an assignee a notification when a task has been assigned to them and create an outlook appointment in their calendar (or a shared calendar) scheduling the work between the the project start and end date.



Level: Power Up

Hello, we are trying to migrate off of podio into the 365 suite mainly useing teams we where wondering if there is a way to get teams to notify you if you get assigned a task in planner either naturally or using flow since crrently there are no triggers in planner just actions

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I too am looking for this function. Is this in the development pipeline?