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Trigger for new item in planner

It'll be useful to have some Triggers for tasks in Planner, not just actions that are executed based on triggers from elsewhere.


Potential triggers:

  • When a new task is created
  • When a task is assigned to you
  • When a task is put in a category
  • Etc.



Status: Completed

Triggers for Planner are now available, read more here:

Level: Powered On

I would like to be able to trigger a notification to the original task creator upon completion. If a trigger could be task completion that would be great as well

Level: Power Up

Would like to trigger on task completion as well. 

Level: Powered On

A Planner Trigger which fires off on create or update of a Task is what is needed

Level: Powered On

I am surprised that this is not available. I am making a notification for teams to get a notification on new tasks and so I have to make a very clunky workaround to make this happen.


Not applicable

Yep, need the trigger! Lots of colleagues want tasks assigned on Planner to appear in Outlook Tasks. Or does someone know a nice workaround?