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Trigger for when a Planner task changes buckets

I would love to see a trigger in Flow for when a Planner task changes from one bucket to another.

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For automation, this is one of the things that deters wider adoption. 

For Planner to more popular, the 1-hour+ delay for its changes to show up in OWA Calendar also is a big deterrent. 

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C'mon MIcrosoft!

How can this idea still in new status? It is almost 2 years old.

Nothing happened meanwhile with Planner related triggers. This feature is still missing for several times


Google has just bought AppSheet, you should speed up.

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Microsoft please!

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Please indeed.  Was expecting to find this, disappointed that it's not available.  Need to be able to run stats. on closed tasks to determine which buckets they visited in their progression (and which they skipped), would be relatively easy if I could trigger on bucket change to write-out a SharePoint list item.

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Hi MS Team,


This feature will enable many possibilities to manage the team/project tasks.


My goal is to have a SP List 100% updated with the tasks of the team and also conected to a PowerBi dashboard with the overview of all my projects. The only thing missing is that trigger when a Card is updated or moved to another bucket.



Raphael D Barreto



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More triggers for planner. Task update and or task changing buckets.


This is one of the things hindering adoption of planner in my org.

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I would love this too. I am using planner to monitor stages changes for 400+ users. A notification when the tasks has moved to the next bucket (sprint or stage) would be perfect, this would reduce so much manual interaction and could build on other automation features we use.

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This would be incredibly useful, and is a key gap to my usage of Trello for automation.

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Agree - also when a task is moved to a specific bucket - we use Planner to keep track of new features in our software programme, and at certain points along the process, authorisation is required - it would be great to be able to move a planner task into an approval bucket, and this fire off an Approval task, for example