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Trigger for when a Planner task changes buckets

I would love to see a trigger in Flow for when a Planner task changes from one bucket to another.

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Why is Trello able to offer those features, but not Microsofts own App?
We need this urgent.

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This would work very well with a KanBan-style planner board:

Todo, approve, doing, done. When a card is moved from todo to approve, the trigger would be something like "when card is moved to a specific bucket", and then chose which bucket will trigger the flow. In this case, obviously, when the card is moved into the approve-bucket. 


When approved, it would also be great to be able to add a flow to move the approved card to another bucket. 

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That's the best thing in MeisterTask. The Section Actions. Perform an action when reaching a section (bucket). There you could move many users from MeisterTask to Planner and Flow.

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I would have a lot of use for this as well. We want to link Planner to Sharepoint List and updates would be done depending on the bucket location of tasks. 

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Please vote for my idea to create the trigger When a task is modified


The more generic trigger would allow to do mostly anything with Flow and Planner under the condition all task atributes are available in Flow.

This, so much! We use a Planner board to track the status of long running activities. It would be so helpful to know when something moves and be able to trigger the board observers then...

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I suspect they are not considering it because it could potentially create a LOT of triggers in a short period of time. People happen to move around card freely a lot. In certain cases.

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Same here, also when anything is changed. Status, assiassigned to someone ...