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Trigger for when a Planner task changes buckets

I would love to see a trigger in Flow for when a Planner task changes from one bucket to another.

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Why is Trello able to offer those features, but not Microsofts own App?
We need this urgent.

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This would work very well with a KanBan-style planner board:

Todo, approve, doing, done. When a card is moved from todo to approve, the trigger would be something like "when card is moved to a specific bucket", and then chose which bucket will trigger the flow. In this case, obviously, when the card is moved into the approve-bucket. 


When approved, it would also be great to be able to add a flow to move the approved card to another bucket. 

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That's the best thing in MeisterTask. The Section Actions. Perform an action when reaching a section (bucket). There you could move many users from MeisterTask to Planner and Flow.