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Trigger for when an email is moved to a folder

It would be very helpful to have a trigger for when an email is moved to a specific folder.  I have an outlook server rule which tags my incoming messages with categories.  After reading them I move them to a single folder "no action required".  I have a series of client rules which I enable and manually run which check the categories and move the messages to folders for longer term archiving.  It would be nice to have a trigger so when I move the item to the folder it is a trigger for other actions.  


Thank you for the consideration.


Status: Declined

Circling back after checking with the Power Automate Connectors team, unfortunately there are no plans to add this trigger.

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What a shame... this would be extremely useful for D365CS. Customers love sending emails to personal accounts. Being able to drag and drop the email into a queue mailbox and having it trigger case creation and routing rules would just be too useful.

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Hi @VictorIvanidze -


When I try to run that graph command, I get this error:


    "error": {
        "code": "ErrorInvalidIdMalformed",
        "message": "Id is malformed."
Any ideas?
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Hi @RexfordITMGR,


please start a new thread  in the "Building Flows" forum.  Show there the real URL you are using.

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Hi everybody, I am also looking for a solution to automate a file upload (attachments of emails) to a specific sharepoint folder when moving an email to a certain folder. Currently I am using the workaround with firs moving the emails to a outlook folder and then trigger a power automate flow by flagging the email. This works but is quite error pone and I have to hard code a flow for wach folder.


Question: Do you see a better solution? @karolans suggested way seems very promising.


I am using Outlook for mac


Many thanks for your suggestions.