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Trigger for when an email is moved to a folder

It would be very helpful to have a trigger for when an email is moved to a specific folder.  I have an outlook server rule which tags my incoming messages with categories.  After reading them I move them to a single folder "no action required".  I have a series of client rules which I enable and manually run which check the categories and move the messages to folders for longer term archiving.  It would be nice to have a trigger so when I move the item to the folder it is a trigger for other actions.  


Thank you for the consideration.


Status: Declined

Circling back after checking with the Power Automate Connectors team, unfortunately there are no plans to add this trigger.

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I am looking for the flow to trigger when someone in outlook either moves or copies an email to the trigger folder. My use case is to pick up the email and attach it to an ERP system. It seems to work when I move or copy an email to the folder if the email was sent today, but not if it was originally sent yesterday or before.


I spent two days building the flow to do this only to find that it only triggers on copy/move newish emails. The reason for this requirement is to allow the outlook user to select which emails to process. 

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Need the same thing but for a Shared Mailbox.

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Neet the same thing here.

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I would love to be able to move an email to a folder and have it added to a planner.

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Yes! can we get an update on this?

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Please add a new trigger for Outlook Client and O365 Outlook that will activate if an item is moved into a folder. - Most email rules are triggered based on a new item appearing in INBOX, but this encourages bad email habits. - If there is a trigger for a message being moved to a subfolder (either ANY subfolder, or a particulr named subfolder), then we can create actions based on this event. - For example, if I create a folder named "Snooze 1 Week", and I move something into that folder, this trigger could be connected to an action (like wait for today+7 days, then move message to INBOX again).


This idea has been around since 2017 with lots of upvotes in this thread (and in duplicate/redundant threads) - can we get an update please?

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If i had a folder in Outlook 365 and when i dropped an email to it. Then a flow would take to One Drive for storage

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This is a desperately needed feature in Flow.  Please implement!

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I am looking into using Flow for some approval workflows at my company, and quite frankly, the lack of this option, or one similar to it (trigger by category, etc.) is what is keeping me from investing company funds to beef up our subscriptions to Microsoft.  Invoices are constantly flowing into an inbox and that inbox contains way too many exceptions and variations that need to be treated many different ways to try and build a workflow directly from the inbox.   They must be vetted and sorted by an actual person first. I have only been researching this software for a short time but I am feeling a bit underwhelmed....this seems like such a no brainer thing that should have been present from day one.

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I was surprised this didn't just work.  I was going to set up a flow that created a Planner task from an email, but I have more than one plan.  So, I was going to create an email folder for each plan and a rule that creates tasks in the corresponding plan from emails in that folder.  That way, when I process my inbox I just triage messages with action items for my projects to the correct project folder and a task will be created in the correct plan.  The fact that I can't do that is a real bummer!  It seems kind of crazy to me that this can't be done with all the other things Flow is capable of.