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Trigger for when an email is moved to a folder

It would be very helpful to have a trigger for when an email is moved to a specific folder.  I have an outlook server rule which tags my incoming messages with categories.  After reading them I move them to a single folder "no action required".  I have a series of client rules which I enable and manually run which check the categories and move the messages to folders for longer term archiving.  It would be nice to have a trigger so when I move the item to the folder it is a trigger for other actions.  


Thank you for the consideration.


Status: New
New Member

Hello, +1 for this request!

New Member

+1 for the request

New Member

Voted for this feature also!

New Member

This trigger would be most useful as it will differentiate between different emails with different actions required. The flagged trigger is not good enough.

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Are there any updates on this request since 2017?

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please add this feature I need it to safe emails into pdf with the right name (Outlook folder + date)

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I need a trigger when email is updated in outlook (Folder change, assigning a category or deleted)

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If you copy it to the folder and not move it the trigger will activate