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Trigger for when an email is moved to a folder

It would be very helpful to have a trigger for when an email is moved to a specific folder.  I have an outlook server rule which tags my incoming messages with categories.  After reading them I move them to a single folder "no action required".  I have a series of client rules which I enable and manually run which check the categories and move the messages to folders for longer term archiving.  It would be nice to have a trigger so when I move the item to the folder it is a trigger for other actions.  


Thank you for the consideration.


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When email is moved to a folder in outlook if that could trigger a flow , it will be very cool...for moving application specific things around 

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This would be great if I could move an email to a folder and have that same email auto copied to OneNote.  Our email retention period limits my effectiveness.  This would help me get around that.

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Yes! For high volume inbox management, this would be a powerful trigger. I want to make use of the attachement filer, but it's not helpful to have them land in a single folder. If the process could be triggered by moving an email to an Outlook folder, attachments can be placed in a more refined file structure. 

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I am in the same position as jjwall - I need a trigger to file attachments based on the outlook folder I store the email in.

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I'm doing the same thing. I'd like to get the attachement of an email moved to a table to improve my process. 



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Yes, I'm looking for this as well. 

I move email to folder in IOS Outlook using the swip feature. Onced the email is in the folder, I would like Flow to initiate some actions.

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I could definitely use this as well!

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Same! need to create trello content based on the folder an email is placed in.

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This idea is duplicated here:


I'd like to manually sort my mail first and then trigger flow on the outcome, archiving certain mails later put to certain folders manually. please make it reality.

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I had a request to make this work. So a user could create planner items for the project team when emails are moved to a specified folder. This trigger would make my life so much easier.