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Trigger for when document in SharePoint is published to a major version

I have been working on an approval flow for a document library in SharePoint of late, and there is one thing I wish was available:

My library has minor/major versions enabled as well as Content Approval. Now, what I wish I had available in Flow is a trigger that fires when a document is submitted for approval and/or when a document has been published for a new major verison (these two scenarios are more or less the same thing I guess).


Reason for this wish/request:

In my approval flow I had to do a Http Request to SharePoint to find out if the Moderation Status was the right value. I couldn't start it unless the value was equal to 2 (which is Pending) and this isn't exactly very sexy. It would be better if there was a trigger that only fired when Moderation Status eq 2.


Hope this is something that will be considered. I feel confident that I'm not the only one that would like to see such a feature in Flow.


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I am really frustrated that this is not available. MS seems to think that the only documents that get added to a policy or procedure document store are new ones. As far as i can see it is immpossible to get a flow to trigger when a sharepoint document changes its approval status to pending.


It would be so much easier to have a flow trigger based on the sharepoint version control settings.


Instead we are required to use sharepoint designer which MS say is not longer being developed.


If i am wrong i would love to know how to trigger a document based on its document status

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@contains(triggerBody()?['VersionNumber'], '.0'.


Put this in trigger condition and I guess this is your answer

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This would be the correct workaround for a Trigger-Condition to start only on Publishing Major Versions:





but it would be better to use the Lists/Libraries Content Approval Feature with the Pending Status