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Trigger for when the button pushed on the adaptive card on Microsoft Teams

I want to automate the data when the button pushed on the adaptive card,

to automate more by everyone on Microsoft Teams.



1. Post the adaptive card to Microsoft Teams channel to input the data,

2. Post the adaptive card to Microsoft Teams channel to select the values.

Status: New
Advocate IV

I have a very similar project I'm planning. Posting an Adaptive Card to a Teams Channel for a team to add inputs to then http post trigger a flow that uses the data inputs from the Adaptive Card to determin the actions of the flow.


2 Pieces Missing:

  1. Working Flow Action for Post Adaptive Card to Teams Channel
  2. Action.HTTP for the Adaptive Card to trigger a secondary Flow
Super User

I also have a scenario where I want Flow to be able to take the input or interaction the user has with an Adaptive Card within Microsoft Teams.

Frequent Visitor

I'm also having this issue, would love to be able to use the information that is input by the user after the adaptive card has been sent to create further steps in, or a new, flow based off what is input e.g. setting up planner tasks 

Super User

I watched this session yesterday which is a recording from the Business Applications Summit.  It has a work around that may work for some people by getting the Adaptive Card button to open a PowerApp via a URL.  Within the PowerApp you can then capture input from the user, trigger another Flow etc.


It's not an elegant solution but a good work around while the product team build the capability.