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Trigger from Microsoft Teams

Currently Microsoft Teams integration with Flow is available in terms of "actions" ( It would be useful to be able to have "triggers" from Microsoft Teams to enable scenarios such as "when a new message is posted in a channel" take "some" action...

Status: Completed

The Teams connector now supports triggers. You can read about these new triggers here:

Regular Visitor
I tried using the new trigger "When a new channel message is added" and it does not fire, in the event history I actually get an error message saying: BadRequest Status code 400 code: UnknownError message "Value cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: source" Anyone having a similar issue or has suggestions on how to solve it? Best Martin
New Member

You should notice that "This trigger always got delay about 5 minutes from someone new message post."


When there's a new message in a channel - This operation triggers when a new message is posted to a channel in a Team.


It is not acceptable for most use cases for most auto called (no need spend key strokes to mention bot names every single time) bots/webhook apps on a channel...


With the 5mins delay, it is useless to me...


** Microsoft Teams itself should have a new message in a channel trigger like Slack and Mattermost have.***

If you have, you won't be a loser.