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Trigger from Microsoft Teams

Currently Microsoft Teams integration with Flow is available in terms of "actions" ( It would be useful to be able to have "triggers" from Microsoft Teams to enable scenarios such as "when a new message is posted in a channel" take "some" action...

Status: Completed

The Teams connector now supports triggers. You can read about these new triggers here:


I'd like to be able to create Teams Wiki pages and sections. The ability to populate them with content would be nice too.

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Yes this would be great. Similar to the yammer 'When there is a new message' would be a awesome start for me.

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Posts where I'm mentionned !!

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Yes, I could make do with a chat message to trigger an email to external users which is better than the current lack of that feature to Teams.

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Microsoft Teams Trigger to react on a defined keywork in a specific channel

e.g. when #keyword is mentioned on mychannel in Microsoft teams ....

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I'd like to ake action when a meting is scheduled through Teams.

Knowing to which chanel/Team the meeting is attached to is mandatory.


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YES! I'd like to see triggers from 1. Creating a Team, 2. Adding a Team Member, 3. Removing a Team Member. Thanks!

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Yes, I want to do by Microsoft Teams messages.



  1. When a new message post start by "Report", post current report from database,
  2. When a new message post the channel, notify post master if the message is include bat word.
  3. When a new message post the channel by "Add task", add a task to to-do list. 


Yoshihiro Kawabata

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
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I need a trigger in when a file is saved in Teams so I can rename the file and move it to another folder in that team