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Trigger from Microsoft Teams

Currently Microsoft Teams integration with Flow is available in terms of "actions" ( It would be useful to be able to have "triggers" from Microsoft Teams to enable scenarios such as "when a new message is posted in a channel" take "some" action...

Status: Completed

The Teams connector now supports triggers. You can read about these new triggers here:

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A trigger to link a Team 'To Do' to my Outlook 'To Do' would be useful

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I agree with the comments that requested a Flow that can be triggered when new channels are created.


For each project, we have a structure of folders that we are trying to add to keep organized. And we like to keep a Project folder in Sharepoint with the folders for each project. I'd like to have those folders be created when the channel is created, and have it be synced with the channel's Files (or a shortcut created between them at least).

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Trigger - When a document is added to a particular channel.

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Hi there,

I have created a flow and using "When file is created (Properties only)" and I am using "File name with extension" with condition "Ends with"  ".xml" to detect a newly created InfoPath form that is saved in the document library. The issue that I am facing is that when I start my flow with this trigger, it works and it detects the newly created form, however, when I use this in the middle of my flow, which is where I want to use this trigger, it simply does not work. The flow runs successfully until it comes to this trigger and then it waits almost indefinitely. Please help!


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I'd like a trigger when a new file is added to a Team channel


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 +1 "tirgger a flow when a keyword is entered into a Team channel"

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Any idea when we'll see a trigger for when something is posted to a Teams channel?  

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I'd like to be able to use Flow to "monitor" Teams conversations of my sales reps so when, for example, they type "AAL" or "/aal", i can use flow to add a row to an excel file and then reply back to the Team Conversation saying something like "Congrats, {User Name who type the trigger}! You have made 4 sales today! Keep up the great work!"

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I would like to have the ability to trigger flows by using a command, turning Teams as a limited form of command line. 

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Status changed to: Completed

The Teams connector now supports triggers. You can read about these new triggers here: