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Trigger when a new folder created

Is it possible to trigger a mail when a new folder is created in sharepoint?

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I'm also looking for that kind of trigger. 


The reason is, I get maybe 1 folder new per day, in which will be uploaded 30 - 50 files. 

I can't setup a new flow every day to watch if there are new files in the today created folder and 

also i don't want to get 50 notifications a day for every new file in the today created folder.


So it would be great to be able to get a notification if a new folder is created.


Also recursive monitoring for a created folder would be great. 

So that i can see if there was created a folder inside a subfolder.








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It is possible to do this, by using a condition. If you use the 'Content type Name' is equal to 'Folder', as your condition it will trigger when a folder is created. This will only work if you use 'When item is created' before this.

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Hello KDickinson,


thank you, that's a great idea and it's working.


I appreciate your help.

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When a floder created, I want to copy then floder to another site floder.

How can I do?

Thank you.

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Hello KDickinson,


Is it possible to do that for a folder creting event in a sftp server??

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I can't find 'content type name' as and option when setting up the condition.  has the name changed on newer versions?  do you have a template or picture of your flow that you can share?


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Sorry guys, bit late to the party here but using the condition - IsFolder is equal to true works well here

2020-03-11 22_25_20-Edit your flow _ Power Automate.png

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I also would like this trigger, and I couldn't get the condition - IsFolder workaround to help. SharePoint is requiring a List Name for the created item trigger--and the SP site I need this for has no lists. Also, I only want to trigger sending an email when a folder is created in a specific sub-folder of the Document Library (not ANY folder in the doc library).


Hope Microsoft adds this as a trigger.

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I figured out how to do this by using another condition on "Folder path", works great.

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Dear kmcital,


Would you be so kind to show your solution to the world. You say you figured it out, but you do'n show how you did that?