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Triggering on Teams channel creation.

Hey, I would love to see a trigger based on channel creation in teams, that would post a document once the channel was set up.


The idea is that I let my org users create channels, and when the channel is created, the first post in the channel is a link to a FAQ URL, or a document that provides quick tips on how to flag the channel as private, how to make it public, how to add members, how to remove members, or basically any bit of information, maybe to display a notice saying not to upload sensitive data or something. 

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Action would be adding certain Planner tabs with existing plans to every new channel that is created in Teams in chosen Team(s).

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I need to have a trigger that happens when there is a connector in Teams. I want to have a task created in Planner that will alert me that I have a connector to address. If a conector is viewed, it is cleared with nothing that alerts that the task/connector is to be addressed. And there can be three connectors on the conversations and if one is viewed, they are all cleared.

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I would like to have a trigger that executes when a channel is created in Teams. This could then be used to define default tabs and default folder structure for the channel in Sharepoint.