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Triggers for Excel Sheets

There should be triggers for Excel Sheets as there are for Sharepoint.
I believe that combining with Excel online improves team productivity.


There should be a trigger for when:
1. An item/row is created
2. An item/row is updated
3. An item/row is deleted
4. A value of an item is changed to certain values

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It would help our business if there was a trigger at the cell level.

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 It would be nice to have excel as trigger so there are not need to use some software as trigger which we are not familiar with

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I was quite surprised to find out that there is no trigger with Excel. Please who can share any alternatives?



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 Here are a couple of suggested triggers from within Excel that I want to use:

1. Inventory - stock of item ABC is less than/equal to a par value (3 widgets remaining with par value of 4)

2. Due date - due date for an item is a set time away and/or past due (client deployment date is 1 week away) 

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I second