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One of the difficulties I have experienced trying to optomize Flow has been the use of Triggers. There are 2 features I wish you had developed. The first is the ability to have a create folder trigger; the reasoning is we are receiving faxes for specific people in the company. Our office manager is notified when new faxes come in and she determines the name of the individual, she then creates a folder for that individual and uploads all of the faxes that came through for him/her. When this folder is created it would be nice if an email could be sent off to the next person in the flow who will perform a various function. the second person will then cut and paste the folder into several different locations which will then send a notification that a folder has been created in a specific folder. 


Now the second feature is using a template folder route. If a flow exists in a folder location I should be able to do a special copy of the folder and the attached flow and paste it in a new location. 

Status: New