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Turning off Flow and turning back on still create new instances of Flow


Currently we are working on a bunch of flow automation logic with SharePoint connectors. The issue we have is that flow queues SharePoint list item changes even when the flow is turned off. Since we have many SharePoint metadata that are updated in bulk while testing, there are many flows that are triggered on error data after turned on. We don't want this to happen. When we turn off the flow, we want it to not run later.

When we turn off the flow, we want it to not run later.

Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion. As is covered in the comments this is not a bug but an important feature to avoid data loss -- this allows you to temporarily disable a flow, make corrections, and then enable the flow, running it over all of the events that happened in the interim. Without this functionality all of those business critical events would be lost.


That being said, there may be scenarios where you want to explicitly discard your business data -- to support that case we'll look at adding an option to delete the trigger data so you can start again from scratch.

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Thanks DorisJi for raising this flow idea for us. Hopefully we will hear something sooner on this.

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This is hugely important and catastrophic if not fixed.  There are many times, you want to turn FLOWS off for troubleshooting, manual list manipulation or development on the workflow itself.  

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Is this issue has been fixed

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I don't think this has been fixed or changed. I came here to ask the question if there is a way to have the flow turned off completely and not trigger on changes--b/c I experienced this just last week. My scenario is that I built the flow on a SP list and tested it to ensure it worked. Then I turned off the flow and moved a bunch of historic data into the list (our flow is designed to replace a manual process which already had a history of content).


When I got the historic info added into the List, I turned on the Flow, it started sending out messages to those people.  Since then, when I have had to add additional info, I have to change the "To" field in the approval emails and have them sent directly to me. Then, when the updated material is accounted for, I switch it back to the Email values from my SP List. 



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I experienced this while importing data into a sharepoint list. The flow was off during the import but once turning the flow back on it kicked off for every item that was imported!

This is a major oversight and should be fixed immediately.

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We are definitely in need of this too! Turning a flow off is not very useful as it is implemented now.

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I have the same issue I have an approval flow which I am testing  and switched off the flow while cleaning up the data in the sharepoint list.  As these were classified as modification when I turned on the flow it ran approvals on the changed items.  Not cool.  It would be useful to understand just what mechanisms trigger the flow from created or modified items in sharepoint and why these are stored when the flow should not be working.


There is a suggestion in a similar stream to add a control-terminate action at the top of the flow, however it would be better if it just worked as intuitively as one would expect.

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Seriously...what is the point of having an off button if it doesn’t actually work?!  This is a ridiculous oversight and a constant requirement when dealing with workflows.

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This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

 For some reason the changes made once a flow is created are stored no matter whether the flow is on or off. But if you create a new flow altogether, it will pick only changes from that point of time.

So for now,

  1. I am making a copy of the flow
  2. Switch off the old one and make manual changes
  3. Turn on the new flow


This helps in saving your flow quota too.

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@gani94 Good idea....thanks!