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Turning off Flow and turning back on still create new instances of Flow


Currently we are working on a bunch of flow automation logic with SharePoint connectors. The issue we have is that flow queues SharePoint list item changes even when the flow is turned off. Since we have many SharePoint metadata that are updated in bulk while testing, there are many flows that are triggered on error data after turned on. We don't want this to happen. When we turn off the flow, we want it to not run later.

When we turn off the flow, we want it to not run later.

Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion. As is covered in the comments this is not a bug but an important feature to avoid data loss -- this allows you to temporarily disable a flow, make corrections, and then enable the flow, running it over all of the events that happened in the interim. Without this functionality all of those business critical events would be lost.


That being said, there may be scenarios where you want to explicitly discard your business data -- to support that case we'll look at adding an option to delete the trigger data so you can start again from scratch.

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Any update on this idea being implemented? It is still under review after an year.

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Yeah, just learned this lesson the hard way and sent out about 200 emails to users as we were trying to bulk load for a new process. I get that data loss is important, but sometimes you legitmately need to turn it off so you don't spam end users or for testing. Come on Microsoft... every other workflow tool I've used allows for this.

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Are there any status updates on this? The "solution" currently is to check against a value in the source using a condition, but this is highly problematic for some use cases that we have...

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Wow, it is good that I Google's this subject...


Otherwise after testing importing emailaddress to a list that generates Azure AD invitations with the Flow OFF, after turning it on all those people would have received an invitiation...


Should really be fixed.


Flow development should be made more robust  and professional in general


  • Backups and versioning
  • Testing 
  • Moving actions or blocks of flows around (in and of conditions for instance)
  • Rename actions without having to recreate all depeding actions and or dynamic data


It is now very clumsy with lots of copy=pasting and manual reconstructing

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Any updates of this?