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Twitter Likes

I'd love for a way to trigger a flow via me likeing or favortiting a twiiter post. It's a common tool I use in IFTTT but I can't find a way to enable it in Flow.

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New Member

Please add more options for twitter besides search. I want to add every Twitter post I like. 

Regular Visitor

This could be super helpful in a Twitter management process to pull data into Flow from "liked tweets".

New Member

Same request here. Please add the ability to trigger a flow based on a Liked Tweet. 

New Member

Yes, I would like to have a trigger for when I like a tweet. (I want to use it to generate a new Trello or planner card).

New Member
Definitely; I have used this in the past elsewhere.
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A trigger for when a specific user likes a tweet is much needed!!! At least these two scenarios should be supported: when I like a tweet and when someone likes one of my tweet. 

New Member

One of the few IFTTT flows I stil can't move to Flow. When I fav a tweet -> save in onenote

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Is an option of Auto retweet and Auto like posts from specified users?