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Unable to view run history in Power Automate

I am trying to view the run history of my flows but I am given the following response along with a blank screen.
This is currently occurring when I try to view Run History of any of my flows.
"JSON.parse: bad escaped character at line 1 column 1809 of the JSON data"
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2021-11-26 07_19_51-Run History _ Power Automate — Mozilla Firefox.png


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I'm having the same issue. It's really frustrating.

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Same for everybody i think. All flows with any trigger type.

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In the meantime you can do some debugging by downloading the runs by clicking 'All Runs' and then clicking the 'Get CSV'.

The output gives state, inputs and outputs of each step of the flow.

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Same issue here. Multiple tenancies, combo of old and new flows.

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@MRTG  thank you this works for now.


@microsoftthis would be a great fix to have please