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Undo Option for Flow

An Undo Option would be very useful.  I'm new to Flow and Powerapps.  I had a powerapp that was functioning about 80%, made a few changes to get the other 20% and now I've screwed it up.  Undoing my last steps would have at least put me back at the 80% mark.  

Status: Under Review

Thanks for the idea, this would be very helpful!

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Before doing changes, [save as] to make a copy, and turn the original off, that way you have a backup.
Or export the original so that you can import it if something goes wrong.

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That would work but that would be very time consuming every time you made a change to the workflow. Having an Undo and Redo functionality to me is an essential tool, especially when you're new to all of this.  

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Flow badly needs support for the Ctrl+Z command. This is especially crucial when accidentally select the wrong dynamic content, and Flow automatically throws a multi-step, possibly multiple-branching section of your Flow - which took an hour to create - inside of an "Apply to each". You better hope you saved right before you made that click. If not, you options are to close without saving and lose a lot of work, or delete the "Apply to each", which deletes everything that - with one false move - has automatically been placed inside of it.

Please add support for the Undo function.

I feel I have to specify that when a user presses Ctrl+Z, this should undo the last action they performed with no regard whatsoever to what the last action was. If pressed again, it should undo the last action before that, no matter what it was. Make it work this way (product behaves in a perfectly predictable manner), and I'll quickly learn to adjust my behavior to achieve my desired outcome. Try to guess what I "really wanted to do", get it dead wrong (almost always the case in other Office products), and I'll want to throw my computer out the window!

Please add support for the Undo function, and make work in a perfectly predictable manner. While you're at it, make the Undo function work predictably in all your other products, too!

Thank you!

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 why this feature does not exist already I don't understand nearly all programs and application builder has the undo feature

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I just now discovered there is NO VERSIONING on Microsoft Flows in current year! Honestly, what is going on? Versioning is not some newfangled nuanced concept. I was hoping to look it up and find out there was just something I don't know about, then I saw this and my jaw almost dropped. If you are expecting people to make use of this stuff in a way that they trust it, you have to make it so they can trust it. A huge part of that is making sure people feel like they can go back to a previous version if need be. Unbelievable.

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks for the idea, this would be very helpful!

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I just found this out the hard way. Seriously what is there to review?


In my stupidity, I was working on a flow in two browser windows. I was really whippin the lama and then I had to make a minor tweek, and visited browser I worked with hours ago and made the change. It saved the flow from hours ago.


Didn't even think for a second there was no history of revisions somewhere. Then again this stuff is designed for non-developers.


The Solution: Brewing a pot of coffee, because I have a long night ahead of me.


I don't want to leave this as a total negative comment. Flows is quite awesome and I hope it continues to become more powerful.

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@TheManI really don't think it's a problem that Flow isn't geared toward "devs". The idea of previous versions of things isn't that foreign to people anymore. Hell, SharePoint document libraries and I think even OneDrive has it. The Flows are probably all abstracted away as serialized data in some format anyway. No idea how hard it'd be for them to do, but I think it'd just involve them holding copies of this for each flow, allowing you to switch back and forth. *shrug*. I'm not overly impressed with the product. They don't even abstract away the "identity" of each connector in a Flow with a unique behind-the-scenes GUID type thing that would allow you to change the name of a connector after you've already referenced it elsewhere. Lots of work to do with this product. Lots, but hey it's ok right? That's "agile", right?

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I think our opinions of no versioning are the same here, it exists almost everywhere else, except flows. It's sad, but whats not sad is flows gives people the ability to do alot of things that they otherwise wouldnt be able to do.

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OMG I was just testing my flow after hours of work it, testing, correcting small changes, testing, correcting small changes and so on. One of the conditions was oddly throwing false when it was blatantly true and without thinking it through, I deleted the condition and hit save to retest it and immediately realised I'd deleted everything inside the If Yes path as well. So there's still no way to get back a previous version??