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Undo Option for Flow

An Undo Option would be very useful.  I'm new to Flow and Powerapps.  I had a powerapp that was functioning about 80%, made a few changes to get the other 20% and now I've screwed it up.  Undoing my last steps would have at least put me back at the 80% mark.  

Status: Under Review

Thanks for the idea, this would be very helpful!

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@kenny1Nope! Welcome to the Flow Early Access Beta! Don't worry though there are plenty of MVPs to tell you about "easy" workarounds like creating a new "save as" of your Flow every time you change something, leading to a junked up mess of Flows in your list because guess what else? No folders or ways to organize the Flows either.

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Agree on this - particularly on the ability to undo a just-added Apply to Each block that wasn't intended. 

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Just broke a Flow > Only to find out there is no undo or versioning. Lesson learnt > saved copies of all Flows in a off state.

Please Flow Team add undo and versioning. Flow is a good tool thanks for the hard work guys 🙂

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Yeah this would be really useful, no, badly needed. Its really frustrating to remake a flow if you mess up. When you have something that is working, then you make changes and its not working anymore, an undo action would be helpful.


Any idea if we could have this? We really need it as the company i'm working for is moving to more complex flows. And I don't like to create a flow from scratch.

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Years under review for basic functionality...   This team doesn't make enough progress fast enough.   I'm starting to really hate Power Automate. It's not user friendly as they claim to be...  No version history, no undo, no way to temporary disable actions for quick testing, no way to quickly de-duplicate arrays, etc....   Nintex workflow runs circle around it.


Not a happy customer...

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Well... just to inform that we are now in 2021.

This should be the TOP priority, it is unthinkable to have no Undo here and having one in SharePoint pages.


P.S: I also just discovered this after adding a wrong label that created an extra block and now I have to repeat everything from scratch, thank you.