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Unfail parent steps in Microsoft Flow

Following a comment on my blog ( 12/11/2018 - ) I would like to see an improvement in the erro handling options.


In my post I described how a try catch finally could be implemented, however this idea is also relavant to any other kind of nesting options.


I would like to be able to unfail an action if I handled the error within the flow. This could for exmple mean that if an action fails to update a SharePoint list item I might want to create a list item instead. Once this is successful I would be happy to unfail the initial update action so that it doesn't appear within the analytics as failed.

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I guess you could simply use the terminate action with success as a result at the end of your error handling. Wouldn't it work?

This is not about the success or failure of the flow. You can handle the success of that with the try catch pattern mentioned. This will make all my flows finish successful. You will find however that within the analytics each failed stpe is still markedas failed even thoguh my flow successfully finished. This is sometimes a good idea but sometimes it is also useful to be happy with failed tasks when you know that you have fully handled the error.

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Ho ok I did not understand completely the request then I am sorry. Thanks for the explanation !

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Yes please. I am using SharePoint Get File Details to determine if a file exists. I can then use scopes to create the file if it does not or alternatively update if it does. This works well. However my flow dashboard indicates that the flow has failed when it has not - a failure of Get File Details is OK and will be handled. 

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Hi @Pieter_Veenstra ,

is this problem solved?

I am not able to find a workaround to this situation.

Thank you

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I've been searching for a solution for this for ages, so I am more than happy to add my vote to the above.

I have a Flow that checks for the existence of a record in an external system using an HTTPS GET request, if no record exists, I get a 404 response.  This is 100% fine, I then branch based upon the 404 status to create a record.


Unfortunately, the 404 response is considered a failure, and so the Power Automate analytics shows lots of failures for this flow.


The real impact here is that if I see a flow with lots of failures, I have to drill down into the Flow History to check whether the failure is something I need to deal with, or simply something I can ignore and I already have logic in place to deal with the 404 response.  This takes a lot of time that could otherwise be spent providing value, rather than checking numerous false positives.