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Update All action (data) in Excel



I'm trying to automate an email distribution process which involves updating an excel sheet with fresh data from a number of SQL queries, saving the updated sheet as pdf (after all queries are done and excel has recalculated cells) and emailing it to a list of receipients.


Together with the existing file conversion from xlsx to pdf and email distribution via Outlook, if the Update All action in Excel were to be added as a possible action in MS Flow it would grant users a powerful way of automating dynamic excel reports distribution.

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New Member

I have the same issue - I have completed the Flow where the file is converted to a PDF and emailed to a list of people - that works. BUT I have not found a way to refresh the Excel data and pivot table which resides in the same file on a different worksheet. Seems to be an issue and wish list request since 2016.


Have you found a solution yet?