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Update Event (v2) to send updates 'only to new attendees'

When i update an event in outlook to add/remove attendees i get an option to send this update only to newly added attendees:

Outlook meeting update prompt.PNG

This makes sense because i can send the update only to new attendees as opposed to sending invite to all attendees. 

I was expecting similar outcome from FLOW's Update Event (V2) action however this action always sends update to all attendees. I suggest updating the action to either provide an option or handle the parameters in such a way that if only attendees are updated then send the update to newly added attendees only. 

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This is the missing link in my Flow that I have been looking for.


Couple of users have been requesting this.

Is this feature planned?

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Update Events is now on V4 and still this issue remains.


In the meantime, here is a possible workaround

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This is critical. I'm using Power Automate to handle over a hundred invites to almost 800 people. Each time someone signs up, everyone gets the invite again - it's crazy!

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@Naveen - I'm working on a global event scheduling project that desperately needs this feature. How can we escalate this request? 

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Hi, we have an internal webinar series that users register to that requires this option, as it keeps sending updated event details to people who have already registered. Can this be please escalated, thanks


This problem still exists in Update Event V4. My customer is becoming irate with this longstanding known issue. @Naveen, any updates from the team about when this might get fixed?