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Update Event (v2) to send updates 'only to new attendees'

When i update an event in outlook to add/remove attendees i get an option to send this update only to newly added attendees:

Outlook meeting update prompt.PNG

This makes sense because i can send the update only to new attendees as opposed to sending invite to all attendees. 

I was expecting similar outcome from FLOW's Update Event (V2) action however this action always sends update to all attendees. I suggest updating the action to either provide an option or handle the parameters in such a way that if only attendees are updated then send the update to newly added attendees only. 

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This is very annoying. With Power Platform it is not possible to create Seminar Registration Application with large Scale of Users/Participants.

New Member

I really need this feature!

New Member

Hello All - I created a video tutorial to use as a workaround so you can use Forms to send Outlook Invites without updating 'All Attendees' every time the form is submitted:

This could be used at least until Microsoft makes an update.