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Update SharePoint document metadata

I can read metadata of an document from an SharePoint document library. I'm missing an action to update columns of an existing document.

Status: Completed
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We need that ability too. 


We have a scenario where email with attachments come in, then based on rules flow into specific Sharepoint libraries. Also based on file names be able to set certain meta data. 

We can set default values per folder, but would rather change it in one place. 




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Status changed to: Planned
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@Samurai_ka @Phil_Worrell Let's hope this feature is available soon!

In the meanwhile I am using a workaround based on Sharepoint-Update Item. This way I am able to update the document's metadata.

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Is there any info on the work around please?
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I've just published the workaround steps here

Hope this helps while waiting for this feature to be implemented

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Thanks so much. I will check it out
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Flow needs to be able to read custom column fields from sharepoint document library. This should have been baked in with first release. Until flow does this it will ave no ability to replace workflows in SharePoint Designer.

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This feature would be great to use also after the creation of a document in a flow. e.g. after copying the document from a onedrive folder. But afer copying the file i need the identifier of the created file available to update properties.




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This feature is absolutely necessary.  I'd like to be able to set a column's value from the subject of an email after creating the file (via email attachment).

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Status changed to: Completed