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Update Video Indexer Connector to use new API v2 (or make new connector)

I use the video indexer connector in a Flow today and it works well.  I also noticed this message on the Video Indexer API Portal:


Deprecation Notice

This API portal and the v1 Video Indexer API are now deprecated and will be removed by Aug 1st 2018
Please migrate to the new API portal and v2 of the API at 


When I signed up for an account using the new API and tried to use that in my Flow Connector, it wouldn't work.  Flow couldn't ever authenticate using it.  If I switch back to the v1 API key, it connects again and works fine.  I'm just worried about what will happen on August 1 and want some time to test a different connector before it's too late.  I'd rather not have to make a custom connector for this since one exists today.



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