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Update a Document when a list item is approved

As best as I can tell, this functionality does not yet exist, so hoping this might be something that comes in future updates!


I have a workflow built around a change request process, whereby someone submits new scope they want in a software release, and it fires off approvals to 2 key stakeholders to get included in scope.


What would be REALLY awesome is if I could set up a workflow that would add specific fields from that submission to an already-existing scope document after it meets both approval conditions (not create a new doc from a template).


Is this something that's on the radar? Has someone figured out a way to do something like this with existing functionality?



Status: New
Advocate I

Hi @Chelsa,


You can use Plumsail Documents to generate DOCX or PDF from template. You can apply your own data to the document. Some examples for you:


Note: It is a paid solution