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Update a row in SmartSheet

I would like to be able to update a row in SmartSheet based on other triggers. Of course, the columns would have to be mapped or used in conjunction with the SmartSheet Get Columns action/Get Dynamic Columns action.

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I would like to do this as well. It seems there are triggers that work off a Create Row action but nothing that works off an update or delete.


Is this planned for a future release or am I missing something?

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I realize that I am late to the party.  I found a work around for this, using a premium connector and the Smartsheet API.


My need was when a new row in smartsheet was created, I wanted to create a devops work item and then update that row with the work item id information.  Here's how I did it:

  1. Capture Sheet Id, Row Id, and column ids using the smartsheet connector, you need these variables for the upate.
  2. Created a smartsheet API token in Smartsheet, and initalized a variable in the flow with that information.
  3. Created an HTTP connector with the following settings:
    1. Method: PUT
    2. URI:[Sheet ID Variable]/rows
    3. Headers:
      1. Authorization: Bearer [Smartsheet API token]
      2. Content-Type: application.json
    4. Body: [{"id": "[Smartsheet Row ID]", "cells": [{"columnnid": "[Column ID to Update]", "value": "[Whatever value you want]"}]}]
    5. (No Queries, No Cookies, No Authentication)

Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help.


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Wow, that worked. Thanks!

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I have a need to update rows in Smartsheet when using the When a Sheet is Updated trigger & the Get a Sheet Data (dynamic schema) action. I am dealing with already existing rows and I only want further actions to occur (in my case send an custom email message) when a Survey Status column on a given row is set to a certain value ("Ready to Send").  Once the email action is completed I want to update the row(s) with the value "Survey Sent".


I have no issues iterating through the rows and then checking the Survey Status column and the performing the email action that I am looking to do.  Can someone provide some guidance for retrieving the Row ID so that I can use the HTTP action described in the solution to update the Survey Status column?



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Hi everyone, I am also considering having my project plans in Smartsheet but feeding into a PowerApps. I am wondering then if I could be able to edit the cells from the Smartsheet sheet but from the Power App ? Thanks for your insights !