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Update issue in JIRA from a PowerApp

It would be great to update a Jira issue from a PowerApp. Currently you can create a new issue Jira from a PowerApp and Add a comment to an existing Jira ticket, but you cannot update other fields in the issue.

Status: New
New Member

This is a must have. We're looking forward to integrate Dynamics CRM with JIRA and basicly all CRUD operations would be needed. For example an Order set to certain state gets cancelled for whatever reason. Related JIRA issue which is used to track maintenance team work should also be cancelled. 

Regular Visitor

Agreed. Must have 2 way connectivity to be genuinely useful. Too many of the out-of-the-box connectors are read-only. I need to be able to update issues in JIRA to reflect interactions that happen elsewhere. Specifically in this case, I want to use Planner to track work in the wider team and engage stakeholders in the Team related experience around the Planner. However, comments and status changes in Planner should be reflected back in JIRA (used/licensed only by the technical team).

My particular use case involves the following (I'll go update/vote/create and idea for the other part next):

1. Get all issues last modified since last check (I'm really surprised that the JQL option looks only for new issues even if your JQL query returns a larger list - why not allow JQL search and then Flow to filter?)

2. Create or update in Planner depending on new/modified in JIRA

3. Update JIRA when there are changes in Planner