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Update records in Dynamics 365 using an alternate key rather than the record identifier

Hi guys,


I've been working on a requirement to either create or update a record in Dynamics 365 based on whether there is a field value match in an excel table. Creating records based on this works a charm, however I have hit a brick wall of darkness while trying to update records in Dynamics due to the limitation with nested foreaches and because I cannot seem to iterate over an array of record identifiers in flow.


This could be easily avoided if we could use the Dynamics 365 alternate key functionality in Flow to identify records when updating from another array or list (say for example my list of contacts in excel).


This would mitigate the limitation with nested foreaches, as you wouldn't need to pull a list of contact IDs from Dynamics and then iterate over each guid in the array to update each record in Dynamics 365. We can upsert records based on alternate keys programmatically, so for us to start adopting flow as a viable non-code solution for integrating data, I think this is quite key.


Let me know what you think.





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+1 nice idea for a codeless strategy
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You could use an HTTP task and call the Dynamics API. Sure it's not as intuitive as a built in Flow action, but it works really well. I've got a setup working to upsert records based on email address matching.
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@SteveA Can you share your flow?

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Could you share the code to use alternate keys to set look up values in D365?

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It would be nice if it was built-in functionality to the connector rather than having to re-invent the wheel.