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Update the Planner Description field

Thank you for adding the template for Flow to pass SharePoint tasks to Planner.

It would be great if the SharePoint task description would pass directly to the Planner task description.

If this is already possible, please let me know how to implement.

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I would like to have the exact same funktion 😉



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Would also like to be able to create a List of Tasks and assign ALL of those tasks to an individual at once via trigger.

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Yes - this would simplify the process.


I did just worked around this by first creating the task in Planner, then adding another Flow action immediately after the Planner Task Create to Update Task Details.  It accepts the Task ID from the create action output.  However, this seems like a bit of a hack.  Being able to fill in any/all of the available Planner task fields on create would be more logical.


I'd love to be able to add/edit the Links from the Planner task - add a link back to the orginial SharePoint task, for example.

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Not from Sharepoint, but I'm voting for this because the "Description" field in Planner should be fill-able from Flow (any flow)

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It would be useful if you could enter data into the planner description field (and maybe even the attachment field) as part of a flow.  Including passing a description over from a Dynamics 365 entity.  

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Want this to use when flagging an item in outlook to create a planner task. Want to be able to put the body into the description. 

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My aplogies, but where do I find the Flow template for SharePoint tasks to Planner? I could not find it in a search. 


Nevermind...found it...sorry

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I cannot reccomend the above comment enough. It feels like a natural step - not sure why it's not possible. Is there any way to use the action, "Get Task Details"? Holding my breath that this one comes through...

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Add the ability to add to a Planner Task's description

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We were looking to allow a Flow to take info from sharepoint and capture it in the description of the planner task.  The field was not available and we would like it to be so that we can have more information placed in our planner solution.