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Update the Planner Description field

Thank you for adding the template for Flow to pass SharePoint tasks to Planner.

It would be great if the SharePoint task description would pass directly to the Planner task description.

If this is already possible, please let me know how to implement.

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I would wish exactly the same

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Literally looking into this right now. Was looking at the QuickTasks template to see how it was done there but the Description field used in that template seems...useless?

Kind of feel like the only real reason to use Planner with PowerApps would be to update that Description field with collected content. If it's just the Task Name, I wonder why one wouldn't just use Planner.


For my needs, I want it so that users can fill out requests, and once they're vetted, can be added to Planner as official Tasks.

Flow workarounds create an unnecessary added dimension.

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Weird that we have to "vote" on this, but I'm casting my vote.


What's the point in creating a task without having a description? At that level of detail it's no more useful than just a checklist with just a title and a due date. May as well just use To-Do at that point but people use Planner because it's much more useful for project management and tracking.


There's no reason we shouldn't be able to pass data into a task description, include an attachment, set the label, and maybe even create a checklist from a multi-line input field. 


Seems like development for this integration was just incomplete. Hopefully it gets finished soon. I'd love to see better integration with MS Forms for accepting job requests and inputting those into Planner. Because of the poor integration there my organization is using Trello instead. 

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It would be helpful to be able to fill the description task when creating the task from a flow.

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just use this workaround to update description in Planner after creation.

"Id" in "Update task details"  is of course from "Create a Task"



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Ideally i would like to be able to update all the available field in the task when we create the task, like priority, comments, color code etc. 

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I'm voting for this because the "Description" field in Planner should be fill-able from Flow (any flow) referencing a task.