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Update the Planner Description field

Thank you for adding the template for Flow to pass SharePoint tasks to Planner.

It would be great if the SharePoint task description would pass directly to the Planner task description.

If this is already possible, please let me know how to implement.

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It's for planner, when we received a mail we can create a task, but we can only edit title of task.
I need to edit task's description with the mail's body.

Thank you,
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Indeed, there are 2 needed improvements:

- the first being to enable the description of a new task to be filled right when creating manually the entry

- the second, to use the flow process capability and automatically fill the description field with the body of the mail


hope to get these features available pretty soon 😉

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There is an update task details that contains the description for updating.  I tried to use this following a create, but it failed to identify the corrrect task with a 404 error.  The task is correctly identified when reviewing the run history.

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You can use update task details to update the description of the task, but I keep getting a 404 error from the run history.  If we could get update task details functional we'd be all set.

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I would also use this. 

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Once a task is created i what to be able to copy and paste reference websites to the task description or even server addresses in the form of hyperlinks.


This would be a great help.


Thank you.

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When using Flow to create a Planner Task populating the decription should be an optional variable.

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We test drove a flow to do add a planner task for flagged email across our company.  Having the flow add the bodu of the email was the top request and why it hasn't been deployed yet.


Please add this feature, even if it requires an additional step in the flow.

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Agreed, I need to create a task from a forms response. The details of that response need to be in the description of the task. Also the requester or user that filled out the form would be the assigned to the creator of the task. If employee A filled out a form for employee B, employee A would be the one that is notified when task is completed or comments apear.