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Update the user profile property which is read only or hidden to the user with FLOW

Hi guys

Please can anyone advise me, we are needing to force over 2000 users to read a page (T and C) when they first login and before they can enter their site collection. However, we only need to force them the once. And we need to record somehow when and who has accepted the T and C.


The sort of way round this, that I found, was to use audiences in SharePoint. Then once the person had clicked on a button on the page, FLOW updated a field in their user profile. The audience worked with the user profile value and allowed users with a certain value in a certain property in their user profile to see the home page. However, the user profile options in FLOW only allowed me to change properties in ‘My Profile’ - the values the user could change themselves anyway – which really is not what I want.

Ideally for this option to work, we need a way we can change a property value that the end user cannot change.


This could therefore become an idea to be put forward to Microsoft/FLOW.

Status: New