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Updating Office 365 Group Calendars with Flow

Two requests ...

I found the Office 365 Group triggers, however they are very limited (only 2).  I would like to have an Offfice 365 Group trigger created that will start a flow when a new event is added or updated on an Office 365 Group Calendar. 


Secondly, the number of actions for Office 365 Groups is also limited (only 5).  I would like to use an Update Event on a Office 365 Group Calendar (similar to the Update Event for Office 365 Outlook Update Event (v2)).  The Office 365 Outlook Update Event action requires a Calendar ID which is not readily available to the end user.


Question:  Why is there a difference between Office 365 Calendars and Office Group Calendars?  It seems redudant to have to create the same triggers and actions for Group Calendars that already exist for Office 365 Calendars.

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The trigger action fires everytime i make an update to the event. 


To prevent this I´m trying to update the categories using the Graph API, but it seems that I have to use the Bearer Token to get Access. Really strange, because the documentations shows that delegatet permissions should work.


It would be much more easier to add better odata filters to the trigger action, like modified time or something else to prevent a loop

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@Tony83You can prevent triggering the action on updates of the event using the condition Item is Added and when true Action, when false End. I got that working here.

But... There seems no way the achieve updating or deleting an event in the Group Calendar.


Group Calendar is used by us for an overview of all our department members (about 30) and this is to much for sharing calendars (and maintaining when persons leave/change/become a member)


Therefore I am also still looking for a solution to make creating a private event an event in Group Calendar with a forced title PRIVATE



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@Krit60 Hi,


we´re not using the group calendar but a simple list with the calendar view applied.

It works flawlessly.


The only cons are that advanced calendar options like recurring events are not aviable.


best regards

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Hi Anton,


Thanks for your reply.

Sounds interesting but could you tell me a bit more?

Is it a plain list or did you use a template? I could not find a calendar view 😞 but maybe I am looking in the wrong place.


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Hi Krit,


you´re welcome 🙂

Just create a custom list with an start and end date and create a new view (with the modern view creator).

There select Calendar view.



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Thx Anton! Got it.


Let's hope it will fit our needs too